Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cleveland Browns 2010 Draft

2010 Browns NFL Draft

1st Round: Wanted: Eric Berry (taken at #5)
Revised: trade down, but if not: Derrick Morgan or Joe Haden
Actual: Joe Haden (My Grade: B+)
-would have preferred a trade-down after Berry was taken but Haden fills a major need

2nd Round: Wanted: Sergio Kindle, Taylor Mays, Golden Tate (all available at #38)
Actual: T.J. Ward (My Grade: C)
-I like the position, safety. big hitter, but everything fans don’t want to see from a draft pick in the second round: a bit of a reach with major injury concerns.
Montario Hardesty (My Grade: B-)
-will provide solid 1-2 punch with Jerome Harrison, decent value pick

3rd Round: Colt McCoy (My Grade: B+)
-I’m not a fan of McCoy as our franchise QB but it was worth the risk this late in the draft

Shawn Lauvao (My Grade: B-)
-I like the pick of a guard with Lauvao but think there may have been better options at his position.

5th Round: Larry Asante (My Grade: B)
-for a 5th round pick this guy has a ton of potential and talent. Not sure if he’ll ever get it right though but not a bad risk. Adds depth to the secondary and special teams

6th Round: Carlton Mitchell (My Grade: A-)
-this may turn out to be the best pick of this draft. Mitchell has been compared by draft guru Mel Kiper to Brandon Marshall and he has the athleticism and hands to be a steal of a wide receiver. Some outlets had him as high as a late 2nd round pick going into the draft

Clifton Geathers (My Grade: B)
-I know little about Geathers but he appears to have some raw athleticism as a 3-4 pass rusher. Not a bad pick to fill an area of need

Overall Draft Grade: B+
-I feel a ton better after this draft than last year (I wonder what changed?). We got a legitimate #1 corner with Haden, successfully overcoming the theft of Eric Berry by the Chiefs. T.J Ward was a puzzling pick but he is a huge hitter with potential if he stays healthy. Hardesty had only one good year at Tennessee but I liked what I saw from him as a compliment to Jerome. McCoy may be our franchise QB and if not, we only used a late 3rd round pick on him. Lauvao adds depth to the line and Geathers to the linebacking core. Asante has a chance to be very good and Carlton Mitchell may be this year’s Marques Colston. Only time will tell for this draft with a lot of “maybe” great players, but at the least I expect to see a lot of Haden and Hardesty in 2010-11.

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