Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Someone Tell Me What Just Happened

Not in Game 5. Not in Game 4. But throughout this entire series.

When did Rajon Rondo become Bob Cousy? Is LeBron injured, tanking or just playing bad? How is Mike Brown making Doc Rivers look like Jerry Sloan?

And the biggest question: why us?

I believe it is a 98% chance we go home after Game 6, LeBron leaves, etc.

But here are two interesting notes. I won't elaborate on them, just bring them to light.

1. Orlando was down 3-2 to Boston last year

2. In order to break their curse, the Red Sox needed to dig down when all the chips were off the table and come back from 0-3 against their biggest rivals, the New York Yankees

2% is better than 0%

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