Monday, September 28, 2009

Browns All-2000s Team

Hey guess what everybody? The Cleveland Browns are picking in the Top 5 of the draft again this year (that is, if they don't trade down to pick a center)!

But let's put this year's awful squad in the back of our minds and take a look at the best Browns of the last 10 years. It may be the worst all-decade team in Browns history, but this group gave Browns fans some things (if not a lot) to cheer for and be proud of from the Comeback in 1999 to where we are now.

Over the course of the next week, we will take a look at this team, starting with your backfield:

QB Tim Couch: you may not like him, but Tim Couch is the best quarterback this team has had since 1999. Putting aside the fact that he was the #1 overall pick (and looking at the lack of talent around him), Tim did the most out of a group of Kelly Holcomb, Jeff Garcia, Charlie Frye, Derek Anderson or (so far) Brady Quinn. Couch took the team to the playoffs in 2002 with an 8-6 record under center, including a number of excellent come from behind wins. Perhaps his highlight game as a Brown was a dismantling of the Steelers on SNF in 2003, where he tossed two TDs and ran for another in a 34-13 win. Couch has the Browns franchise record for career completion % and is third in completions.

RB Jamal Lewis: Lewis beat out a group of William Green, Lee Suggs and Reuben Droughns for this honor. He has rushed for 1,000 or more yards in his first two seasons as a Brown including a fantastic 2007 season in which he had 1,500 total yards and 9 TDs. Consistency, power and leadership make Lewis the best Browns RB of the 2000s.

FB Lawrence Vickers: it was a tough choice between Terrelle Smith, a punishing blocker, and Vickers, who can block, catch and run. Vickers was a Pro Bowl alternate in 2007 and has helped paved the way for Jamal Lewis to rush for 2,300+ yards in two seasons which helping the team on short-yardage situations and out of the backfield.

Up Next: The Pass Catchers

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Delonte West's Shocking Arrest

This was not the news Cleveland needed. Not with the Browns forever muddled in sub-mediocrity and the Indians in the midst of a 5 game losing streak that all-but assured they will lose 90 games in this disastrous season. Not from the Cavs, the only team with hope in this city. Not from our starting 2 guard who has bipolar disorder. Not now.

Delonte West arrested outside Washington, D.C.

by Pat McManamon on September 18, 2009

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Cavs guard Delonte West was arrested in Maryland last night because he had two pistols and a shotgun on his possession. All were loaded.

West was originally pulled over for making an unsafe lane change on Interstate 95 while driving a three-wheeled motorcycle and confessed to carrying a pistol. Police eventually found the other two weapons.

Details are sketchy, though the picture painted by the Washington Post is not pretty.

The guns on West's possession included a .357, a 9-millimeter and a shotgun in a guitar case he was carrying.

All were loaded.

West apparently cooperated with authorities, according to the Plain Dealer, and was released on his own recognizance.

The Cavs Danny Ferry released this statement:

"We are aware of the situation and take this matter very seriously. We have been in communication with Delonte and his family. We are gathering more information and will not have further comment until the appropriate time."

Obviously there are a lot of unanswered questions in this story, but it just doesn’t seem like much good can come from a guy driving erratically while carrying three loaded weapons. West grew up in a tough area … but … wow.

Among the questions lingering:

Where was West going?

Why carry so much firepower?

What will the league do about this?

Will the Cavs have their own discipline, or will they play the "let the legal system run its course" card?

West is prone to depression, and gave a very touching news conference last season discussing his struggles. Could this be a dangerous symptom?

Is there a medication issue involving the depression or other struggles at work?

The Cavs have prided themselves on signing and acquiring good guys. West has always been cooperative and fun to be around.

But two pistols — including a .357 — and a shotgun is an eye-opening reality.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Phil Savage Draft Analysis

On my return to the blog, let's take a look at Phil Savage's draft classes and how they look after cutdown day with the new regime. I posted this on Message Boards also for those who think I may be stealing it from there.


1/13. Kamerion Wimbley (not playing up to the level we drafted him but could develop)

2/34. DQ Jackson (I liked the pick at the time and he is our best LB now, great pick but consider we traded Jeff Faine to get him)

3/78. Travis Wilson (a SWWWWIIIIINNNGGG and a miss, out of NFL)

4/110. Leon Williams (never has played to potential on scrimmage plays but valuable as a special teamer. made this year's team, maybe ManKok can get the best out of him)

4/112. Isaac Sowells (finally released in year 4 after showing nothing on the field nor getting on it much)

5/145. Jerome Harrison (jury's still out but he sure has given us more already than most Day 2 runninbacks do)

5/152. DeMario Minter (it was a low-risk high-reward pick that didn't turn out. he's now with the Florida Tuskers of the UFL, good for him)

6/180. Lawrence Vickers (great pick low in the draft, he's an above-average NFL fullback)

6/181. Babatunde Oshinowo (I had more hope for him than what he did -- not much. has bounced around from 5 teams and is currently a free agent)

7/222. Justin Hamilton (made the team for a year but got hurt in 2007 and was waived from Washington in 2008. out of football)

Overall: 5/10 players still on the team four years later, including 2/3 first day picks and a very solid 3/7 second day picks. the other 5/10 are out of the NFL, oddly enough

Starters: Wimbley, Jackson, Vickers

Potential Pro Bowlers: Wimbley, Jackson, Vickers

Overall Grade: B+ (the Wilson pick was a waste and I wish we would have taken Ngata over Wimbley. At the time that's who I wanted. Also, you never want to trade down with a division rival. But Wimbley has shown flashes and DQ was a great pick for the 2nd round. Getting value like Harrison and Vickers on the 2nd day balanced out the Wilson bust)

2007-2008 up next...


1/3. Joe Thomas (I didn't want him, I wanted Peterson. Overall, he has been a stud of a LT, one of the best in the game, but still we missed that HOF running back...)

1/22. Brady Quinn (jury's still out but if he turns out to be our franchise QB, this draft's stock jumps tremendously)

2/53. Eric Wright (has played well at times and bad at others. jury's still out but he needs to take more steps this year. our best DB playmaker)

5/140. Brandon McDonald (getting the production we have out of this 5th round pick is very solid)

6/200. Melila Purcell (waived by the new regime, didn't show much)

7/213. Chase Pittman (never made the active roster)

7/234. Syndric Steptoe (did some good things but shouldn't have been a starter last year. burned his bridges here)

Overall: 4/7 players still with team

Starters: Thomas, Quinn?, Wright, McDonald

Potential Pro Bowlers: Thomas (2), Quinn, Wright

Overall Grade: we traded a LOT of picks to get Quinn. If he turns out to be our answer, this draft gets a MAJOR A due to Thomas being a Hall of Fame-looking left tackle. Wright and McDonald are both starters and solid and still improving. Couldn't expect much from the three picks in the 200s. If Quinn becomes average, this draft gets a B+, if he's a total bust, it gets a C+


Didn't have many picks in this draft due to trades. I will insert the player as if we drafted them in that round.

1. Brady Quinn trade

2. Corey Williams trade (not getting a good value on our investment as he isn't even starting this year. needs to continue to learn the 3-4 and figure some things out or this is a huge miss)

3. Shaun Rogers (packaged this pick with Leigh Bodden looking like a steal. I still have questions about his attitude but he's a Pro Bowler)

4/104. Beau Bell (bust of a 4th round pick who we just cut. maybe a practice squad candidate)

4/111. Martin Rucker (not progressing how we have hoped but has some potential. not a bad value-gamble)

6/190. Ahtyba Rubin (solid player as our backup nose tackle, still have yet to see how good he can be)

6/191. Paul Hubbard (never made our team in two tries)

7/200. Alex Hall (excellent value pick could be a stud at OLB)

Overall: 3/5 still with team, 2/5 just released from roster

Starters: Rogers, Hall?

Potential Pro Bowlers: Rogers (1 with us), Hall

Overall Analysis: Considering the Rogers and Williams acquisitions and disregarding Quinn as part of last year's draft, I give this draft a B-. The 2nd round "pick" of Williams was a bad trade, the Rogers trade was one of the best in our team's history to this point. Bell was a bust, Rucker still could be good. Rubin is solid depth and Alex Hall was one of Savage's yearly 2nd day gems, a player with a higher ceiling than Wimbley in my opinion.

Other Notes:

Chris Perez's 20 2/3 scoreless innings streak is the longest by a Tribe reliever since Paul Assenmacher tossed 23 1/3 straight scoreless in 1997.

Michael Brantley has a hit in each of his first six Major League games. It's the longest such streak to open a career by a Tribe player since Josh Bard hit in his first nine games in 2002.