Thursday, April 15, 2010

Path to Redemption

Chicago. Boston. Orlando. Los Angeles.

Four of the Cavaliers biggest rivals in the last 20 years and also their four likely opponents en route to a potential NBA Championship. This is our season, but it is also our path to redemption.

Chicago: Michael Jordan may be gone, but the sting of his "Shot" remains. Chicago has one coming for them for all the years of Jordan's bullying us around.

Boston: the taste of 2008's Eastern Semifinals is still a bitter one on my and many Cavs' fans tongues. The Celtics 15 bazillion NBA titles make them as hateable team as any.

Orlando: the biggest challenge to the Cavs in the East deserve some payback after last season's ECF upset.

Los Angeles: one of the greatest franchises in sports history, LeBron can silence his critics forever by beating Kobe in the Finals.

These are the four I want. GO CAVS!

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