Monday, July 13, 2009

Quick Liftoffs: 7-13

Goals for Cavs' regular season:

-win the Division
-stay healthy
-TRY and get homecourt

Then the fun begins. How will we match-up with the top dogs?

C: Shaq - Rasheed - Howard - Bynum
PF: Varejao - Garnett - Lewis - Gasol
SF: Lebron - Pierce - Pietrus - Artest
SG: West - Allen - Carter - Kobe
PG: Mo - Rondo - Nelson - Fisher

Benches: Z/Parker/Gibson - Perkins/Tony Allen/House - Gortat/Johnson/Redick - Odom/Brown/Walton

Honestly, those are some stacked teams. And yet, I'm not going to put Detroit or Dallas or San Antonio into that mix. On paper, Shaq can guard Howard and Bynum well and against Boston we can put AV or Z on Rasheed on the perimeter. Shaq will dominate Boston in the paint and should handle LA. Varejao guards Garnett as well as anyone in the league AND now we have Anthony Parker/Lebron in our small lineup for Orlando. Lebron is still the best player in the game and Ron Artest as a "King stopper" is an absolute joke in my book. Pietrus starting in the absence of Lee and Turkoglu KILLS Orlando's bench. Delonte can hold his own defensively against all those SGs and if not, we have the bigger, stronger Parker. Mo is the 2nd best pure PG on that list and the best shooter/scorer. He can't defend Rondo or Nelson off the dribble but thankfully, Rondo can't shoot so you just give him some space.

Sports fans/media: WE'RE NOT TRADING VICTOR MARTINEZ OR CLIFF LEE!! The Indians management is going to make a run at things next year with guns ablaze because honestly, Shapiro's job is on the line.

The following guys will be likely moved or attempted to be moved due to contractual situations/depth at the position:

-Jamey Carroll (I almost guarantee it)
-Kelly Shoppach (Santana's time is coming)
-Ben Francisco (no room for him, any takers?)
-Ryan Garko (I'd rather see Jordan Brown and LaPorta playing at 1st)

If we are going to contend next year, we need to keep A. the young talent and B. the veterans who are cheap and useful. That means Victor, Lee, Pavano, Betancourt, all are here to stay.

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